Thursday, January 26, 2012


In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

assalamualaikum :)

I have no idea how should I spend this last 4 days of my sooo long holidayss wisely..pretty bad that the long holidays now reaching it's end point..but somehow i'm so excited to start my studies..when my daily routine has been real boring , i really want to start my study as soon as possible..because study can makes my brain functions normally and now , i'm done with preparing all those stuff  i'm gonna bring to kuantan soon..BUT , just preparing ..i'm still too laaaazzzzyyyy to start packing..still hoping and searching for the ' packing mood ' to come..and guess what , my room seems nothing much different compared to the store except the neat bed and closet..HAHA      # just introduction

Act , the main intention of this entry is to story bout another food heaven.. Restoren Hj Ramli .Too bad i dont know the exact location / address of this restaurant.but of course in kedah..haha.

This restaurant is owned by hj ramli surely..recommended to any Nasi Kandar Ayam Kampung ' s lover..They serves not only the nasi kandar , but you also can try their western food such as chicken chop , lamb chop and so other chop chop lah.haha..all at affordable price ! ..they also provide catering service and take order for any occasion. 

below are some of the menu ..i had  tried all of them !

Chicken chop..forgot the price..but i'm guaranteed it's RM 10 or  below..nyummmyyy ^^

we prefer ' hidang ' style instead of self-pick..because based on our observations and research , this way of eating is much more cheaper ..dont know how they calculate the bill =,=''..btw , above menu includes ayam madu , daging black pepper , peria goreng tepung , udang goreng tepung , gulai ayam kampung , telur sotong .

 what's on your mind ? this is ' peria goreng tepung '..seriously i never think this way of cooking that bitter peria..aku yang tak pernah makan peria ni pon boleh tiba tiba suka makan peria..langsung tak pahit weh.       # teruja

 telur sotong - masak - apa - ntah..haha..but its yummy too ! 
 # hang ni bab makan semua benda yummy =,=''

this is more than enough to prove you how yummy the menus are..hahaha =P kan kan ? mouth watering sungguh ni.  # ke aku sorang je ? iskh iskh

Anyone interested to eat there , you can PM me..haha..maybe you can treat me as the reward ? kah kah


  1. amboi hang.. makan ja noh..
    harga oka ka kedai ni? chicken chop dy awat gelap smacam? haha

  2. @ NAQIB : dah memang chek ni suka makan..haha..harga ? ok ja..tak mahal , tak murah..nak try ke ? jom la..keh3 XD

  3. eh tertinggal pulak , chicken chop tu nampak gelap sebab masalah pengcahayaan kot..HAHA..jangan risau naqib , tak hangit pon c.chop tu XD