Sunday, November 18, 2012


Alhamdulillah. Asalnya tak dapat hadir ke HC ni lantasan lambat order tiket. So, seat untuk ke Gombak dari Kuantan dah penuh. But then, hari ahad petang, Nadia si rumate offer her friend's ticket which is Safiyyah. Safiyyah demam. So, tak dapat hadir. See, kalau ada rezeki tak ke mana kan ? :) 


Pada tanggal 13.11.12 bersamaan hari cuti Deepavali, 2 biji bas dari iium kuantan bergerak menuju kembarnya yakni iium gombak. 6.15 am berkumpul dan bergerak pada 6.45 am. Alhamdulillah, perjalanan lancar dan kami tiba pada jam 10.15.

Conference dimulakan dengan quran recitation. Diikuti welcoming address by Bro. Muhammad Saud 'Kashmiri' and declaration of event by iium Rector.

Handsome One of the MC :P

Our Rector ;)

The first speaker was Br.Nisar Nadiadwala from India with the topic : LEARNING FROM THE GIANT. He's one of Dr.Zakir Naik student and actively involve with IRF. Among the points stressed in his speech are, what we can learn from companion such as Saidina Abu Bakar and what a leader should be. He defined a leader as someone who serve people in the best manner and not only appear in news, showing off everything. He also touched on how we differ from the sahaba in term of attitude and thinking. The 'giant' is actually referring to the Companions of Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. They are like a giant. Brave and patient to stay in Allah's path even thought they are being tortured by the kafirun once they become a Muslim. The best example are  Bilal bin Rabah, Sumayyah,Amar bin Yasir and lot more to be mentioned.
 Br.Nisar Nadiadwala

 Second speaker was Sh.Ibrahim Nuhu from Nigeria with the topic : INHERITORS OF THE PROPHET ; OUTSTANDING SCHOLARS AMONG THE SAHABA. A brief stories about few sahaba such as Muaz bin Jabal, Abu Ubaidah Al Jarrah, Abdullah Ibn Mas'ud, Abdullah Ibn Abbas, Abu Hurairah, and Aisyah r.a .Subhanallah, i'm impressed and refreshed by their contributions toward the development of Islam. Refreshed my mind with the history of these great people. Boosting up my inner spirit. My soul. 

Sh. Ibrahim Nuhu

____*performance by Bro.Muaz Dzulkifly*____

Third speaker was Sh.Zahir Mahmood from UK. He's the founder of As-Suffa Institute. He delivered a speech entitled THE AMAZING RISE. All i can say is, i'm fell in love with his voice. Total likeness ! menusuk masuk dalam jiwa, seriously. Tak percaya?  try youtube'ing ceramah2 beliau. Main point in his speech is about Bilal bin Rabah. A slave that being honoured by Allah SWT. and Islam is the one who bring Muslim to stand up in any situation. No matter who we are in this dunya, we are just the same in Allah's view. Only taqwa inside us will determine who we are. 

Sh. Zahir Mahmood

___________* zuhur and lunch break *___________

Continued with the forth speaker, Sh. Yawar Baig from India with the topic : MAKING IT COUNT; KNOWLEDGE AND ACTION. ( masa ni ketinggalan sikit sebab lewat masuk hall. Banyak buang masa dekat cafe sebab ramai sangat orang. Break 1 hour je.Huhu.Rugi ). One of the important point is, dont worry with the recitation of imam during congregational prayer either right or wrong, whats more important is ask the status of our khusyuk in our heart. How we act, indicates knowledge inside us.

Sh. Yawar Baig

Conference continued by featuring Br. Shah Kirit from Malaysia and Br. Nisar Nadiadwala in a  question and answer session : BEYOND BARRIERS;THE BONDS THAT BIND FOREVER. The 'barrier' includes language, race, nationality, political view etc. But, no matter what the barrier is, we are brother and sister of fate. Audiences are given chance to ask question to these both speakers. Plus, Br. Shah Kirit shared his experienced converting from non-muslim to muslim in 1996. Back to topic, how to bind us as a whole? the answer is AKIDAH. Break the barrier of our mind. Broaden it. Politic is not a problem unless we put it on top of Islam ! dont blindly practice Islam without having knowledge about it. Learning process will never end.

Br. Shah Kirit. This is my second time experiencing his speech after Dr. Zakir Naik event last month.

Next, audiences were impressed by son of Tawfique Chowdhury. He's representing his father to read the speech. Cute ! ;)

5.15 pm - A session with Asst. Prof. Dr. Zaharuddin Abd Rahman. LIVIN' IT THE SAHABA WAY;LIVIN" IT HALAL. Talked about charity, story of Zainab AlJahsy, and riba'. 

Asst. Prof. Dr. Zaharuddin Abd Rahman

_________*Nasyeed performance by Syrian student*____________

Sh. Daood Butt continue the programme with his topic: MEN AND WOMEN;PARTNERS IN THE JOURNEY TO ALLAH. An all-time-favorite topic, marriage XD Everyone in the hall awake from sleepy. Focused on the hot topic. Haha. He told the story of Uthman Affan who married to two Prophet Muhammad's pbuh daughters. Remind us to be patient with our partner (my future partner la kan sebab belum kahwin lagi.Ehem), approach our future in-laws, and always bear in our mind that everyone have their own past and future :)

Sh. Daood Butt

________________* Maghrib prayer.Dinner break*____________________

i took this chance to meet my beloved bestfriends. Afrah from USIM and Dila from IIUM Gombak. Both of them are my classmates kat IGOP dulu since form 1 till form 3. Masuk form 4, berpecah kelas ikut aliran masing2. Jejak kasih. Lama tak jumpak. Alhamdulillah, ketemu jua di sini ;)

8.15 pm - ABC OF SUCCESS;THE BEST FRIEND, THE BEST DEED, THE BEST WEAPON with Sh. Zahir Mahmood. Story of Khalid al Walid. Emphasizing role of leader or amir by reflecting the story of Umar Al Khattab. We need people who ready to sacrifice !

8.55 pm - HAPPINESS EVER AFTER with Sh. Yawar Baig. Sacrifice means you give something but you got nothing  in return. The analogy used is ayam tandoori. That tandoori chicken sacrifices itself to human. but in return, that poor tandoori chicken got nothing :)  *cute analogy? lol*. Story of Bilal bin Rabah.

Last session with Sh. Shareef El Arbi with a speech entitled AMAZING FAITH;FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT. Most of the points in his speech are repetition of the speakers before :D
Sh. Shareef El Arbi

The end. Alhamdulillah for the experiences. Gerak balik iium kuantan pukul 10.45 and alhamdulillah safely arrived at 1.45 am. Terus pengsan sampai keesokkan hari yang ada kelas pukul 10.15 tu. Selamat tak mengantuk dalam kelas.hew3 ;)

Enjoy the pictures :

 The crowd in CAC Hall, IIUM Gombak


  Exhibition on ground floor

 Booth selling various items.

 audience beratur for Q&A session with Br. Shah Kirit and Br. Nisar


* 99% of the pictures are shared from Heroes Conference page on Facebook. Credit to them :) 


  1. great event:) hope to meet u again.tata,blaja baik2

    1. in shaa Allah :) you medic tu molek2 ^^

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