Tuesday, February 07, 2012


In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

assalamualaikum ;)

Every single day , we confront with the blessings  and chances given by HIM The Almighty .Hence , we have no reason for not being grateful..Things happened in our days are always for reason..Allah never created something for no reason..but sometimes , when we are tested , we feel ghastly..start to talk rubbish and we might forget that Allah never test His servant more than what she / he can bear.It's the tradition of being a human.Manusia mudah lupa.We should  think beyond what our naked eyes can see.Search and learn the lesson.

Here a story for you to read..just happened to my friends and me ;

Tadi jalan jalan..settle kan all those pending procedures..Add and drop session , wifi registration bla bla bla..on our way to Kuliyyah of Science ( KOS ) , one of my friend , ( let her name be a secret :P ) keep on complaining about her pimple..Fyi , she only got 2 pimples on her left cheek..not a serious pimple pon actually..just merah2 and not so obvious..maybe for her , it is a kind of 'disaster' yang akan mencacatkan muka beliau yang cun itu..hew hew..tapi the reality is , pimple 2 ketul tu apalah sangat kan ? lagipon , kedudukan jerawat tu agak tersorok..bukan betul2 kat pipi..but still , she keep on complaining this and that..malu lah , rasa orang tengok dia semacam bla bla bla..


all out of sudden , we came across someone with half of her face is dark ! maybe birth mark kot..dont know la kan..everyone was like soooo shocked ! speechless weh ..only our eyes communicate without any voice..monolog dalaman..

then we realized that Allah send His warning to us

we should be grateful with what we have..for every single thing..no matter how small or how big the thing is..

'' tetapi boleh jadi kamu tidak menyenangi sesuatu , padahal itu baik bagimu , dan boleh jadi kamu menyukai sesuatu , padahal itu tidak baik bagimu.Allah mengetahui , sedang kamu tidak mengetahui '' - AlBaqarah ( 2:216)

tepat kena atas batang hidung masing masing..even seorang je yang dok complain , Allah bagi semua merasa..alhamdulillah , itu tanda Allah masih sayang..cepat cepat ditegurnya bila mula menjauh..terus diam dan tukar topic..self reflection actually..selalu merungut , selalu sebut kalau lah ini , kalau lah itu ..hmm , shame on me -,-''

thats the ibrah for today..short scene , but it sank into the deepest heart..sakit sebab rasa berdosa itu.astagfirullah.muhasabah diri.

'' sesungguhnya Allah itu amat mencintai mereka yang sering bertaubat dan membersihkan diri '' - AlBaqarah ( 2 : 222 )

moga Allah akan terus memimpin kita di jalanNya..Jangan sampai DIA murka..lalu ditinggalnya kita terus sesat dalam jahiliyah diri..Jangan sampai leka ,  dibiar terus hanyut ke muara dosa..hanyut dan hanyut sampai tenggelam..nauzubillah..jangan sampai yang dosa itu menjadi terbiasa.


 P / S : i'm sooo sleepy while typing this entry..but still i want to post it..A gentle reminder for you and me :)
be a better servant !

gratitude is absolutely the way to bring more into your life


  1. "be a better servant"..

    tulisan yang menginsafkan.

  2. just a reminder based on my own experience..huhu..semoga mendapat ibrah :)