Sunday, September 16, 2012


Hello to my dearest abandoned blog.After so long , and today is the day to come here and keep this cheap blog alive.haha.Nothing so special to story about.just updating a lil bit about the new semester.Here , in this jungle of kuantan.i'm writing this right now because i am bored...3 days of holidays , without going anywhere special , is a great torture to me.Heh.

Now , i'm hibernating in my clean , organised and of course beautiful room :p My compartment to be specified.Mizah and Dat are not in the room right now.Have no idea where they have been..ME ? dah banyak keluar this 1st week of new sem.Tadi plan to have dinner at Tg Lumpur , the most favourite place for seafood hunter.At last , dinner kat Suzana je ( malas nak cerita pasal apa plan asal tak dapat dijalankan ) Minggu ni ja dah 4 ke 5 times asyik keluar je..Cannot resist la dok dalam campus je.HAHA.Purse pon sampai dah nipis.Hows sad it is kan? *teqeyak*

The first day sampai kuantan , terus lepak kat cik wani's room.She's my exrumate at CFS and also my schoolmates kat IGOP dulu.Met aina and nami too.Had our breakfast together.Gossiping and etc etc.Just welcoming three of them to this Garden of Knowledge and Virtue.IIUM Kuantan.Hebat2 belaka my ex-rumates ni.Cik Nami from biomedic dapat tukar Pharmacy.Cik Aina from Nursing dapat tukar to Pharmacy and Cik Wani fisiotheraphy which is the first batch here.Congrats geng ! ;)

Anyway , back to the main business , sem ni ambik 5 courses.Which are :
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Introduction to Microbiology
  • Calculus for Biotechnology
  • Islam:Knowledge and Civilization
  • Bahasa Melayu
Seriously , sangat awkward + lawak + feeling- tak- tau nak describe masa first class BM.After so long tak belajar and then you came across  kelas yang cikgunya cakap BM baku and every terms dah diterjemah ke Malays.Soooooo awkward . Semua orang macam blurr bila lecturer cakap '' saya akan ceritakan mengenai RANGKA KURSUS ''..1 2 3 seconds later '' owhhh...course outline = rangka kursus ''.Big laugh everyone.Dah la cikgu nya Chinese.Double awkward.Antara translation yang best lagi : thumb drive = pemacu jari | powerpoint = kuasa penitik etc.Hehe.Tapi , BM tetap best ! yeah * hopefully *

Timetable quite okay.I can accept it.Even though i've class everyday ( mon - fri ) but still Alhamdulillah , because i've NO NIGHT CLASS.Most of my CTS friends have night class ( BM ) and the same goes to some friends from KAHS ( phyco )..Fuh , alhamdulillah again and again :D

First week is not hectic yet.Few classes , not-so-easy-first chapter for every subject , few cancelled classes ,  and no lab are good enough for us to enjoy :p keh3.Still adapting to life campus after 3 months enjoying holidays like a boss.No more goyang kaki , makan - tido lifestyle :'( uhuks.How bad.
New semester , old friends.Haha XD Muka muka bahagia di awal2 sem. # First picture taken in this semester.

Now , talk about new room pulak.View from our room memang tak best.Facing the construction site (iium  hospital in the making ) , is not good at all.Indeed.Started early in the morning till late night , keletung-keletang je yang dengar.Pencemaran bunyi weh >< Terpaksa habiskan duit beli tinted tingkap yang mahal itu ( RM 23.90 per metre) sebab if tak pasang , memang tak boleh buka langsir.How i wish i'm still at Maimunah 4 like last semester.Huhu.Rumates still the same except Husna.The 'cruel' MO changed husna to the next room.But nevamind , we still can meet and guess what , we still solat jemaah together in my room.Just like the semester before ;) Husna will come to our room every maghrib and isyak.

Picture taken after came back from celebrating Husna's birthday at Jungle.September 12th. ( Kuantan people know whats that jungle means.hehe ).Btw, cantek kan bilik kami ;3 Complete with the meriah-raya-like curtain and carpet.Compartment B is Nadia's and C is mine :)

Nice view from our condo..Huahua -..-''

 If condongkan kepala sikit dari tingkap tu baru nampak masjid.Alhamdulillah.Dengar azan memang jelas :)

Sooooo, enough kot entry pasal new sem ni , panjang bebel kan :p

# i should  read the student safety contract for my organic chem. lab after this >.< bye bye :*

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