Saturday, January 22, 2011


In The Name of Allah  The Most Gracious TheMost Merciful

This entry was dedicated to my friend who celebrating her 19th birthday today.nothing special i can give to you.just a simple card that i robbed from memory lane and this entry.even you didn't read this.wahaha.

first of all..i just wanna wish happy birthday to you Miss Firus Firdaus Abu of the best in my collection of friends..sweet 19 dear =) may Allah bless and all the best in your future undertakings ya.BFF.

tu diaaa..bila cik firus posing..terbaek dari ladang ahh ..hehe =P
* mati kena cubit kalau dia baca nih..wakaka

a lilttle bit of our stories. i met her in CFS.we are friends since we are in semester one..she is from perlis indera kayangan.a very happy go lucky person.her 'poyo'ness is always cheer me up especially during boring classes.hahak.thanks firus sebab selamatkan aku dari ter'syahid' time class

perkara menarik pasai cik firus :

  • sensitive gila dengan tudung.pantang kena tiup dengan angin sikit.mula la nak cari cermin.haha
  •  sangat lah poyo dalam apa jua benda yang dia buat
  • pandai  *oh ! saya jeles  =.=''
  • tinggi lampai macam model * phewwit.haha
  • kena gosip dengan firdaus sebab nama diorang sama =P
  • etc la.

my wishes for you :
  • friends forever
  • senyum sokmo
  • keep on poyo'ing
  • forget me not
  • may Allah bless

nice to know you.and a billions of thanks for being my friend.Thanks to Allah The Greatest for giving the chance to know you.ukhuwahfillah abadan abada

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